LogFaux is an online game logger for the popular miniatures wargame of Malifaux. Building on that, it is also a skill improvement aide and a trends monitoring tool for the international Malifaux scene.

Malifaux is a tactical skirmish game, played with roughly 8-12 models. Players try to achieve victory by accumulating Victory Points. This is done by pursuing open objectives, called “Strategy” and hidden ones, called “Scheme”. The distinguishing trait of Malifaux is its randomization and duel-resolution method. Eschewing dice altogether, Malifaux employs Fate Decks for this purpose, which are the equivalent of standard poker decks, adapted to Malifaux lore. In this innovative manner, the game design provides resource management and balanced control over unpredictable aspects of gameplay.

Malifaux is first and foremost a game of skill and attaining higher levels of skill can be a daunting task. A globally accepted precondition is playing a lot of games and its corollary: studying the outcome of each game and learning from it. It is this latter need which our application has been designed to address. With the multitude of parameters and indices involved, it is quite easy to get lost or focus on the wrong points. This is where LogFaux delivers an electronic solution to logging all data in an elegant and efficient way and, more importantly, extracting meaningful statistics for the player’s and the community’s benefit.

Malifaux boasts a community of many tens of thousands of players worldwide. The most competitive of these convene regularly to participate in tournaments, where only the most skilled and best prepared walk away with a prize. With the help of LogFaux, players can not only hone their skill, but also prepare for such an event. The sophisticated geo-tagging feature of LogFaux enables precise study of the strengths and weaknesses of players based on their locality. In this manner, the astute Malifaux player arrives at the tournament knowing all there is to know about his opponents.

The Malifaux design team revises the Strategy and Scheme pack annually to keep the game fresh and exciting. On each of these update cycles, long discussions are held on which points were in most need of revision. These discussions are conducted on the basis of personal or, even worse, hearsay experience. LogFaux provides the definitive reference for the impact of each year’s Strategy & Scheme pack on the community. Strategy & Scheme popularity and difficulty are now as easy to assess and interpret as reading a single number off a screen.

Until now, experienced, competitive players have traditionally been putting together spreadsheet solutions for analyzing their game data. LogFaux marks the end of this era and brings the latest technology of the present day to game logging:

  • Responsive, mobile-first, touchscreen-optimized web pages for Internet browsers of all devices.
  • Game data archiving and periodic backups for worry-free safekeeping.
  • Strenuously testing of data-extraction algorithms using the most advanced methods.
  • Deployment on the cloud, for top-of-the-shelf reliability.
  • Golden standard SSL encryption to provide security and trust.

LogFaux went live on February 2017 and has been continuously attracting new players and amassing game data ever since. Dedicated client applications are also set to be released for the Android and iOS platforms further enabling players to log data offline and synch it later on. This project is indicative of our ability to develop state-of-the-art web applications as well as identifying existing needs and introducing novell and empowering solutions.

Explore LogFaux at www.logfaux.com