About Us

4WAR Thinking is dedicated to integrating cutting-edge technologies with traditional gameplay to help you push your games to the next level. Staffed by a group of avid gamers and experienced IT professionals, we are well-versed with what technology has to offer and know how to best apply it on your products.

Our services are shaped around the main pillars of the tabletop industry:

Board Games

Probably one of the oldest forms of tabletop games, board games are now transitioning into the digital era. If you don't want to miss out on the latest trends, 4WAR Thinking can offer you a wide range of solutions such as digital references, companion apps to automate and streamline game mechanics, VR/AR game modules, interactive boards and more. If you want to unlock your IP’s full potential, we can also help you transfer your titles into the world of mobile gaming.

Card Games

Card games are extremely popular with new titles being released every year. Stand out from the competition by empowering your gameplay through the use of interactive surfaces and AR technologies or jump directly into the new era of digital card games. Support your playerbase with mobile and web-based tools designed to simplify deck building, card collecting, game logging, tournament organizing etc.

Miniature Wargames

Advances in manufacturing, digital sculpting and crowd-funding have led to a recent boom in miniature wargames. Introducing tech features is guaranteed to separate you from the competition. We are experienced in developing player tools e.g. army builders, game loggers as well as community platforms for online campaigns, meta-game monitoring, tournament support and more. Consult us on high-tech solutions such as interactive game tables and AR widgets.


Role Playing Games have traditionally been associated with a pen-and-paper playstyle. Digital tools, however, can free players from tedious tasks and enhance the immersion by introducing new methods of gameplay. Empower players with utilities such as digital character profiles, dungeon creators, random event  generators etc. Produce unprecedented experiences with dynamic, interactive dungeons and AR generated content.

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Core Expertise

VR/AR Technologies

Having hands on experience with several Virtual and Augmented Reality platforms, we can develop applications for smartphones and devices such as Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR or the upcoming Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets. If you’d like to invest in these new technologies but are unsure how, we will propose innovative ideas suited to your products.

Interactive Surfaces

From small-scale boards to full-blown gaming tables, we can provide custom built interactive surfaces powered by monitor or projection displays and novel interaction capabilities through optical tracking technologies. If you’d like to target existing setups, we can design and develop the software to support your games.

Mobile Applications

We’ve been developing applications for all the major mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Windows). Being gamers ourselves, we know what players want and will propose to you the best solutions for your existing or upcoming products.

Web Applications

Consult us if you want to offer unique services to your community. We offer complete development and hosting packages for ubiquitous and scalable web applications tailored individually to your needs.